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A collection of random thoughts, musings and media from the staff at Wiser Web Marketing. Some we found online or thought of on a coffee break, others are crafted pieced of industry news honed through hours of research, either way we hope you enjoy them all. You'll find restaurant reviews, chef videos, interesting new trends in dining and cooking and a fair amount of social media nonsense as well.

SEO- Search Engine Optimisation

SEO can be confusing—that’s why Wiser Websites is making it as simple as possible: What is SEO? Search engine optimization is the practice of improving your site’s visibility within search engines. This includes editing elements such as metadata, content, and links. Wait, what is metadata? Metadata is the stuff you can’t always see, like your
I’m a firm believer that learning shouldn’t just be a means to an end for work or a skills base- learning should also be about personal enrichment and growth. So, after what may to some have been incredibly dry material in professional courses, here are some more aimed at personal development. Hope you have fun
Continuing to share with you the best free and cheap courses on the peer-to-peer learning platform, Udemy. Today I bring you 4 that could be of interest for Data Scientists. 1. Random Forest Algorithm in Machine Learning If you love an algorithm and are interested in looking ore closely at specifically the random forest algorithm,
Last post I looked at some of the best courses out there for design enthusiasts- today I’m sharing some of my free or discounted Udemy picks for the aspiring web developer, as well as those who want to hone their skills. 1. Ultimate Web Designer & Developer Course: Build 23 Projects! This course really does
The internet is more than just endless cat videos and fake news (honestly!) It is also and more importantly a valuable learning and communication resource. Many companies exist offering courses on every subject you can think of- from criminology to cake decoration, from coding to cribbage- and lots of courses not beginning with a ‘C’
Are you already struggling for ideas for family days out this summer holidays, but can’t face another day at a theme park or soft play? Or are you a relative facing babysitting duties with the most hard-to-please ‘tweens in the world and want an activity to do that you can vaguely enjoy as well? If
“In our ongoing efforts to remove fake reviews from Maps, we’ve experienced an increase in reviews being removed from businesses. We are inspecting our tools and systems to ensure that any legitimate reviews are reinstated.”
Adding to my last post, here are another 5 tips for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) when you are setting up a WordPress Website. 1. Use Links Correctly You probably know that adding links to posts are crucial, but you may not have been aware of ways to optimize your SEO efforts in reference to links.
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