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A collection of random thoughts, musings and media from the staff at Wiser Web Marketing. Some we found online or thought of on a coffee break, others are crafted pieced of industry news honed through hours of research, either way we hope you enjoy them all. You'll find restaurant reviews, chef videos, interesting new trends in dining and cooking and a fair amount of social media nonsense as well.

Social Media Posting for Business

So what can you do to get more from social media? 1) Continually reach out and get more and more people, particularly your satisfied customers, engaged with your activities (and liking, sharing, tweeting and otherwise promoting your web pages and social media posts), 2) promotions, contests, and creative events, 3) use photos, graphics, and videos,

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

 In addition to the organic listings, there is the opportunity to purchase listings on the first page of given search phrases through pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. These listings are in the top shaded area and along the right side of given searches. Many people immediately turn away from PPC advertising saying “I never click on those
Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s unpaid results—often referred to as “natural”, “organic”, or “earned” results. In general, the earlier (or higher ranked on the search results page), and more frequently a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will
Search engines want to give the highest quality results, but unfortunately do not have human intelligence to determine the inherent quality of a page or its content. That is why they also rely on other relevant and credible websites that link to your website as a way to measure the “popularity” of that website or

Reviews and Ratings

It is important to get local satisfied customers to post reviews about your business. The reason Google gives weight to reviews and ratings is because it is a way to utilize local, registered users to confirm or validate you are a credible, local business. GOOGLE BUSINESS REVIEWS FEEFO TRUSTPILOT REVIEWS.CO.UK FACEBOOK REVIEWS

SEO- Search Engine Optimisation

SEO can be confusing—that’s why Wiser Websites is making it as simple as possible: What is SEO? Search engine optimization is the practice of improving your site’s visibility within search engines. This includes editing elements such as metadata, content, and links. Wait, what is metadata? Metadata is the stuff you can’t always see, like your
I’m a firm believer that learning shouldn’t just be a means to an end for work or a skills base- learning should also be about personal enrichment and growth. So, after what may to some have been incredibly dry material in professional courses, here are some more aimed at personal development. Hope you have fun
Continuing to share with you the best free and cheap courses on the peer-to-peer learning platform, Udemy. Today I bring you 4 that could be of interest for Data Scientists. 1. Random Forest Algorithm in Machine Learning If you love an algorithm and are interested in looking ore closely at specifically the random forest algorithm,


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