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  • US and UK data centre locations
  • Auto-scaling and load-balanced
  • Enhanced speed and security
  • 100% SSD (solid state drive) storage
  • IPv6 enabled
  • Secure, state-of-the-art UK and US data centres
  • Friendly UK support

Shared hosting with a difference

Unlike with other web hosts, your website isn’t tied to one single server but makes use of a whole platform, meaning that you get incredible reliability and speed at an unbelievably low price.

Traditional shared hosting performance is subject to how much traffic you get and what other users are doing, but our platforms are load-balanced and automatically scale to meet resource demands at no extra cost to you. Your website stays online and runs fast so you can concentrate on your business.

Data centre & hardware

Our intelligent and advanced UK and US data centre is kitted out with premium hardware and the latest and greatest security and environmental technologies.

With technicians onsite 24/7 every day of the year and a resilient network for ultimate reliability, you can rest assured that your websites are safe with us.

In the UK, large investments in hardware ensure optimal performance and a faultless design with no single point of failure. Each server has Dual Intel Xeon CPU E5-2640 v3 octa-core processors with hyper-threading for 32 logical cores and 64GB DDR4 RAM.  All MySQL and MSSQL databases are hosted on dedicated 32 core servers with 128GB RAM and full SSD storage.

We’ve use an incredibly resilient high-performance storage platform utilising 100% SSD storage arrays in a RAID 10 configuration, with battery-backed hardware RAID cards.

Storage arrays are replicated across multiple servers so in the highly unlikely event that disks, arrays or entire servers fail there will be no downtime or impact to your site.

We take data backups, which are stored at a secured offsite facility. We also run a Firewall that continually monitors and filters out threatening requests before they can even target your website.

WordPress-specific features

If you run WordPress, you’ll want to take advantage of our bespoke WordPress platform. We don’t repackage standard shared hosting as ‘WordPress Hosting’; we’ve gone above and beyond to create a separate managed platform.

It’s optimised specifically for WordPress speed and security with lightning fast Stack Cache caching, MySQL resource handling, and automatic WordPress core updates all backed by fantastic hardware and support.

Stack Cache

This unique plugin enhances your website caching for consistently quick loading speeds. It works automatically, but you can manage it yourself directly from your WordPress Dashboard if you prefer.

Built-in plugin monitoring

Our systems are always running checks to identify any potentially abusive plugins and automatically block any that may put your website at risk or may impact performance.

Automatic WordPress updates

Don’t worry, we automatically update your core WordPress installs with the latest security fixes and new features as soon as they’re released.


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