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WEBSITE Analysis

We will analyse strengths and weaknesses in your website and online presence. First we start with a general discussion about your business. Then we spend 7-10 days preparing a report on your business before meeting to discuss our findings.


Social Media Report

The social media report looks at your position on the three major social media platforms :

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linked In

We will analyse any gaps you may have in filling in your profiles and getting the most out of the free services available. We will look for opportunities for you to interact with likely customers online and analyse which avenues present the highest likely R.O.I both financially and in man-hours. We also look at what your competitors are up to but this is investigated more in the next report.

Competitor Analysis

Our ‘Competitor Snoop’ analyses the websites, social media and online advertising of three competitors to your business online. We can find suitable competitors but find many clients already have certain companies in mind.

We compare they’re position to your own website, looking for marketing opportunities and potential to emulate successful strategies. We will also look at their customer base and see if there is any opportunities.

Website Half Term Report

Our website half term report is a graded score card of your website at present. We look at strengths and weaknesses in different areas, we use software to analyse if you have made any ‘school-boy errors’ in your web-design or how it has been optimized for SEO.

We look at things like loading speed of your site, how it appears on Google, what it looks like on the different devices customers are using to access your website and whether you are likely to be found for the ‘keywords’ you are currently focusing on.

Then we prepare a checklist of ‘easy-fixes’ that your web-developer or online team could fix, alternatively we are happy to quote for fixing these as well.

Traffic Analysis & Customer Report

Again using data taken from our analysis and also your google analytics account we will focus on the who, how, why and where of your customers.

  • who you are currently attracting
  • how you are currently attracting them
  • why they are visiting your site
  • where they are coming from

We will also perhaps equally importantly try to tell you who you are not attracting online, why they are not visiting your site and where they are going instead.

Executive Summary & Meeting

After compiling our four reports we will email you a copy along with an executive summary of our findings. But in our opinion far more importantly we will also arrange for a 2 hour meeting to discuss our findings and what we would recommend to drive your business forward online. We will also present you with a bound copy of all our findings as well as a ‘checklist’ of ideas and fixes for your staff to work through over the coming months either with or without our further input.


If you are interested in a preliminary discussion about your website and online strategy, please fill in some details about your business.


We'll have an initial look at your website and online presence and give you a call to discuss whether we can help within 48 hours.


To find out more call 0208 0505073

Alternatively please send an email to info@wiserwebsites.com with details about your business.