Why use our Strategy

Investing in an online strategy offers stability and a long term R.O.I that paid media simply can't match...

We believe it's crucial to develop and control your own online presence, to mean your business is not reliant on outside pay-per-click advertisers.

Developing your website strategy...

We develop a 3 pronged strategy to growing your business online.


  • Owned Media looks at your website and your brand’s social media homepages to look at what resources you have and what could be developed.


  • Paid Media focuses mainly on pay-per-click advertising and Google Ad Words in particular. Although these are crucial for many businesses and great for quickly generating traffic you are not investing in your businessand can easily become over reliant or dependant on this form of expensive advertising.


  • Earned Media is exposure and advertising driven not by money but by your brand, great content and genuine interest. This could be on social media, guest bloggers, affiliated websites even reviews from happy customers. But the name says it all, it has to be earned not bought.

We will support you every step of the way and can reduce our management level over time. We will even help you recruit a website manager or help train one of your own staff to promote into a role.

Your Position

After a year growing your business you will be in a position where your turnover is now dependant on traffic driven from Pay-per-Click adverts and affiliates, if the prices of these adverts go up your margins could be squeezed or even wiped out completely.

Similarly if competitors see you are making strong profits they may choose to out-bid you for this advertising. If you do not have a strong overall online presence there is nothing for you to defend your market share with and once again your profits could be squeezed.

Alternatively if you have spent a year growing earned, owned and paid media you will be in a less reliant position. You will have invested in online resources and have a strong content rich website to drag in traffic so you are not completely dependant on paid media.

Dealing with a Growth Spurt

Perhaps you begin offering a new service or your product gets some extra exposure or advertising and you choose to grow your business, if you are reliant on Paid Media you only have one main avenue to grow.

Also as you are ‘paying’ for the majority of your traffic you may end up paying for people looking for vacancy’s or information about your product but not interested in buying.

Reducing your spending

If you choose to reduce your spending online if you have only spent money on ‘paid media’ you will have invested in very little beyond a few landing pages as most of your money has gone into temporary adverts.

If you have invested in Earned and Owned media you will remain to have a strong website with content, inward links and an active social media profile that will continue to offer returns even with minimal oversight and you can choose to invest in growing again at some point in the future.