Web Analytics and Insight.

Web Analytics is your first gear, it gives you insight into website traffic, popular content and visitor behaviour. It's also important to look at your competitors behaviour. This helps you to develop your Marketing, SEO and Social Media Strategy. >We use complex analysis software that runs an initial 7-10 day analysis of your site and also three of your competitors. We then analyse this data and begin building up an idea of who your customers are, where they are coming from and how they interact with your brand online.


Developing a strong strategy is the essential gear that drives everything else. You won't always follow it directly, you can't always plan for everything but this is the core of your online business. We will help you choose keywords, how to focus your content, build links and develop your social media to build your business and increase profitability. It's important to decide which media is going to give you the best 'bang for your buck' and how resources should be deployed. There are 3 main areas of online strategy to focus on paidearned and owned media. Each has a place, but your focus will depend on the focus of your business, we’ll talk you through strategies for each.


Keywords determine how your site will attract customers and are chosen based on three criteria: Relevance, Search Volume & Competition There are primary and secondary keywords but all of them aim on focusing your page content and increasing traffic to your site. These are important both for AdWords Campaigns and for S.E.O Keywords aren't just placed in text and headers. They can be FAQs, event information, reviews, images, videos and much more. It’s crucial to choose the right terms to focus on and perhaps as importantly to exclude ‘negative keywords’ that will attract people you aren't necessarily looking for.


Content is really dependent on the keywords you focus on and that is why they always come together. But content is more than just writing text around keywords, it needs to be updated on regular basis to make SEO-friendly features of your site work. It comes in many forms, not just text but also videos, photos, blog articles, products for sale, reviews, offers, the list is endless... In SEO terms, content can also be referred to as “On page elements” and it should include some or all of the following features: keywords; alt tags; anchor text; headers; title elements; There are also Off-Page Elements that could include additional information like meta data .


Visibility is how you get your site noticed. Content is important here but link building is the instrument that will make your site more popular and will draw more traffic. If your content is qualitative and well written, other sites will start putting your links on their content pages and the better the site – the higher the traffic. Key components for finding good links are relevance and quality. It is important you use social networks to share links into your site and that you are drawing traffic to the key products and services you want potential customers to see.


Usability and Design are the face of your site. They need to provide people with an optimal user experience. Customers have to have an opportunity to find what they came for in the easiest possible way. Usability of your site should be based on these factors: Priority of Information, Organisation & Clarity. Together with great design and eye catching colours, it should make your site a nice place to browse, creating 'stickiness' (how long & how often people visit). Design also reflects the brand of your business, a well maintained, upmarket website that's easy to use suggests to customers that this is the standard the products or services they receive will be.