Is Data just numbers?

When people think of data, most people will think of numbers and figures on a screen. A jumbled format of numbers and letters that does not make sense when you look at it. Although this is true, that a big part of data is numbers and letters in a sequence (It is known as Data

WordPress 6.0

The newest update to WordPress is here! WordPress 6.0 will be replacing WordPress 5.9 Today (Tuesday 24th May 2022). WordPress 6.0 will be available for clients, and we will begin updating sites to this version in time. The aim for WordPress 6.0 is “to improve user experience, introduce more customization options, and expand API support

Harry Potter AI-generated fanfiction

What is AI-generated? AI stands for Artificial Intelligence. AI-generated means that it is something made by Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is when a computer is able to perform human like actions. This includes speech recognition, decision making and many other human actions that computers don’t usually perform. In this example an AI-generated system wrote a
What is Swarm Technology? The idea of Swarm technology is to combine the knowledge of computers with the knowledge and opinions of humans to produce accurate predictions. As most people will agree the more people’s opinions you put together the more accurate result you will have.   However, one key feature of swarm is that

What is WordPress 6.0?

WordPress 6.0 is replacing the WordPress 5.9 version on Tuesday the 24th of May 2022. What is WordPress? WordPress is a Content Management System. On the 27th of May 2003 the first version of WordPress was released. Since then, there has been 562 different versions. The first version was 0.70 and now it has gone all the

World Password Day 2022

When is world password day? World Password Day land on the first Thursday in May. That means this year it lands on the 5th May 2022. Having a secure Password is so important. They help prevent people from hacking into your devices and sites. Without having secure passwords people are able to gain access to
As I am sure many of you are aware Johnny Depp is currently in the process of suing his ex-wife for $50 million. This is due to the face that Heard (His ex-wide) wrote an op-ed in 2018 about her experience with domestic violence. This effected Johnny Depp’s reputation and career. We are currently week

Social Media Sites 2022

There are so many different Social Media Sites. Each one is unique and yet you will find that a lot of them have similarities. When one site application finds something that works it is not long before the others join. However, although there are many similarities every site has a unique purpose and each one


What is TikTok? TikTok is a social media site that allows people to create a free profile online. This site enables you to share videos on any topic. It varies from 15 seconds to 10-minute videos. This is a platform to share funny videos or talk about more important matters you want to spread awareness